12 things that you can do to make a hotel unique

Travelers want to explore different things and make new memories that will stay with them forever.

As much as the place is important for them, the accommodation is also one of the first things that could make their vacation memorable and unique.

So how hoteliers can make their hotels unique and worth the recommendation?

Various guests can have different demands, but hotels must provide them with ultimate service and meet their standards.

What are the 12 unique things that will give value to the guests and provide them with an ultimate and extraordinary vacation? We have listed our suggestions here:

  1. Additional perks free of charge- Giving something extra without charge like fresh juices or smoothies every morning, or even stocking the wardrobe with fluffy robes will make the guests much valued.  These perks can give them much significance and be some of the perks that they are not expecting but will make their vacation much more memorable.
  2. Have more staff that will serve your guests- In the busy seasons is a good idea to have more staff to serve your visitors when they will have some requests. The frustration of the visitors could be from not meeting their needs, and not having enough employees that would be there for them at any time can be some of the main reasons.
  3. Listen to your guests and their needs and transfer them into action– When your guests are asking for additional blankets, towels, or other kinds of stuff that are essential to them, listen to their request carefully, and provide them the service right away. Don’t make them wait and give the impression that you care for their comfort.
  4. Provide them with essential information depending on their needs– Having guests with different interests is challenging especially if they expect different activities and services during their stay. Giving them information about different possibilities, activities, and services will make their stay easier, satisfactory, and worthwhile.
  5. Offer complimentary items– Most hotels are offering free toiletries for their guests. Offering free toiletries per customers’ preferences can give an additional touch to them. To get to know what kind of toiletries they prefer you can ask them when they will check in, and ask them if they want some special scent, organic products, or your standard package. This way you will let them know that you care for their preferences and want to make them welcome.
  6. Occasionally cancel the additional charges– When checking out, remove from the bill some of the extra charges, like a bill from the mini bar, gym cards, or Wi-Fi fees, and surprise your guests. This way the guests will feel that they are appreciated and gladly would recommend the hotel.
  7. Personalize small gifts– For all loyal guests, prepare small surprises by creating a personalized package. Use the previous experience with them and remember what they appreciated the most the last time when they were guests at the hotel. Amaze them with some candies, a free gym card, or their favorite sodas, and make them feel valued.
  8. Anticipate the needs of the guests– If you know the plans of the guests during their stay, for example, the time and day they are going on a local trip, or have scheduled all-day hikes, prepare a care package. Add essentials in the care package that will make their trip careless. This way the guests will feel that you care for them, and are interested if they are having a good time.
  9. Send written notes to your guests– After the stay at the hotel, send a written note or postcard to the loyal guests. Show gratitude for their decision to choose the hotel and make them feel welcome at any time.
  10. Include the loyal guests in special events– If the hotel has special events like promoting new services, or making a renovation invite the loyal guests on a tour. Represent your new services, give them a discount and include their opinion to get to know their needs more.
  11. Provide upgrades to the guests– Upgrade the accommodation for guests that have some special requirements or physical disabilities. Provide this service free of charge, and allow them to enjoy their vacation and feel comfortable in your facilities.
  12. Send handwritten greetings- Make the guests memorize the hotel by sending personal and handwritten holiday greetings. Sending the greeting will remind them of the good times during their stay at the facility and will encourage them to make their next reservation.

Additional perks- Satisfied guests

It is always a good idea to listen to the customers’ needs, and do some research into the niche before starting with innovations.

In the traveling niche it is a challenge to accommodate lots of people with different requirements and desires, but offering different and unique perks that will bring the value of the guests to a higher level is something that every hotel should take into consideration.

There are different necessities the tourists may emphasize but the most common could be:

  • Free WI-FI with a strong signal that the quests can enjoy the internet without restrictions.
  • No hidden fees if the parking lot is promoted as free for the guests of the hotel, it should stay as promoted.
  • Good lighting in the bathrooms, clean and refreshed towels every day!
  • Quality toiletries that will not be disintegrated after the first use.
  • If the guests pay for a room with a view they should get a room with a view and a corner where they can enjoy it.


Being innovative and ready for changes is crucial in the traveling industry.

Offering different services and products to regular and loyal guests can promote quality and care for them which will definitely bring more visitors and revenue in the future.

Different additional perks, satisfying the requirements of each customer, and offering something special such as caring packages and free-of-charge services are some of the things that will allow to pave the way to success!

Value each new guest as well, they can be the next regular and loyal visitor after providing them with extra perks as a welcome.


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