Anita Birkeland

Co-founder | Unique stays scout

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About Anita Birkeland

Back before I finished University, I took trip to a cave hotel in Matera, Italy, with my (then) boyfriend, now husband. Non of us knew that this was the start of our new business venture. The feeling of being in a place, that for us, was uncommon and an unknown experience, was an eye-opener on how we should travel. Making the stay the destination and making the surroundings, such as cities, nature to come in second. Luckily for us, the surroundings in Matera are spectacular, but it changed the way we travelled. Now, instead of traveling to a specific city and finding accommodation afterwards, we flip it. is the successor of our own private Excel list of special accommodation in Europe. A travel wishlist, where we hope to experience as many unique and memorable stays as possible. We hope others will have as much benefit of it, as we do with our small little family of 4.