Where to stay in Castelló de la Plana, Spain

Castelló de La Plana
City size
#44 largest city in Spain
Travel score
# 1 visited country in Europe
Hotel (avg. price)
€ 118.3
AirBnB (avg. price)
€ 93
From Int. Airport
32,7 km
Taxi (Start + per km)
€ 3.50 + € 1.53
Quality of Life Index
Very High (172.54)
Cost of Living Index
Low (46.27)
Safety Index
High (64.74)
Health Care Index
High (78.02)
English Proficiency
Poor (25'th out of 33 in EU)
Income Level / month
€ 1,670.32
5 - 10%
Power Outlet
Type F (230 V, 50 Hz)
Drinkable tap water
Meal, Inexp. Resta.
€ 12.00
3-Course Meal Mid-Range Resta.
€ 25.00
Beer (0,5 L)
€ 0.91
Milk (1 L)
€ 0.81
Water (1,5 L)
€ 0.64

Located in the Costa del Azahar in the Valencian Community is the city of Castelló de La Plana, a lively community full of history, beautiful urban areas, and Mediterranean weather. This region in the south of Valencia has coastal views, mountains, and coastal mountain ranges, and Castelló de La Plana is a perfect spot to start discovering this area of the Spanish Coast. Stay at a former medieval town that grew to become a provincial capital city with its beautiful buildings, plazas, and parks that will take you back in time and enjoy the best of a modern city.

Our recommendations on which areas to stay in

  • For a Luxury stay, we recommend staying close to Parc Ribalta, an area with green areas, close to the city center, with the best options for food in a city environment. But if you want to be closer to the coast and have a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea, stay close to El Pinar Park in El Grao de Castellón.
  • For a perfect family stay in the city center, we recommend the areas close to Plaza de las Aulas, close to the town’s main attractions with all the amenities you need to make your stay with your family a great time. If you want to be closer to the city’s beach areas, we recommend the places close to Parc de la Panderola in the El Grao de Castellón.
  • If you want to keep it as cheap as possible, the whole city offers affordable accommodation, especially in the city center, but also there are options in the coastal areas. 
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These are our recommendations on accommodations in Castelló de La Plana, Spain, in 5 categories:

Luxury trip

Room with a view

Family accommodation

Budget stay


From a small town to a city. – What to know before visiting.

The city of Castelló de La Plana still preserves that small-town feeling because of its warm people and closeness to everything. It is a walkable city that connects the fertile land of the areas around the hills and the coast of El Grao de Castellón, making the town of Castelló de La Plana a place with something unique for everyone. Discover its mountains and beaches as the city welcomes visitors with pleasure to share their village and its beauty.

The first settlement was in Magdalena Hill, where the Ermitorio de la Magdalena is, but since 1251 the city was relocated by its inhabitants to its actual location.

The town celebrates Fiestas de la Magdalena since 1251. For nine days from the third Saturday of Lent, the town becomes a lively spot with traditional activities celebrating the foundation of the new village.

A lot of celebrations happen during this festival. There are fireworks in Plaça Major, concerts, local gastronomy, and traditional dresses. The end of the activity happens on Sunday’s midnight at the City Hall, where the queens of the festivities chant “Magdalena!” from the balcony, and the audience answers back “Vitol!” marking the end of the festivities.

A luxury stay Castelló de La Plana

Castelló de La Plana offers plenty of luxury accommodation in the city’s best areas. You can choose between the urban areas of the city center or the relaxing areas close to the beach in the port neighborhood.

For an urban experience, look for accommodation in the center of the city close to Parc Ribalta and the bell tower of El Fadri to enjoy the city’s history and have the best gastronomy at a walkable distance during your stay. 

You can explore the different parks and plazas of the city, such as Parc Ribalta, Plaza Independencia with its iconic lights, and Plaça Major, where you can see the City Hall, a building of the XVII century that is still in use to this day.  

You can find great restaurants here, such as L’Arrosseria in Carrer de Sant Vincent, or try haute cuisine in D’AUTOR in Carrer Cavallers. Have a glass of local wine in Cru Vinería in Carrer de Ruiz Vila at a walkable distance from your stay in the historical center of Castelló de La Plana. End your day enjoying the region’s arts in one of the city’s most modern buildings for this purpose, the Beaux Arts Museum of Castelló on Germans Bou Avenue, at a 9-minute car ride from your stay in the center.

If you want a view of the Mediterranean Sea and still have everything close to your stay, we recommend you look for accommodation near El Pinar Park in El Grao de Castellón. This area offers excellent views of the city’s port and closeness to the beach areas, such as El Pinar Beach, and local food with a perfect view of the sunset, like Ri&Co Bistró Restaurant in Avinguda de Castalia.

We recommend both areas for a luxury stay in Castelló de La Plana, the urban areas close to Ribalta Park in the center, and the beach areas with a view of the sea close to El Pinar Park.

Everything for the perfect family stays in Castelló.

Are you looking for a comfortable stay with your family? The city of Castelló de La Plana offers a variety of accommodations that fits your family’s needs. We recommend two main areas where you can enjoy the amenities and attractions of the city. Stay close to the historical center between Plaza de las Aulas and the Plaça Major or the areas close to Parc de la Panderola on the town’s coast in the El Grao de Castellón district.

Enjoy the city life in the city’s historical center, where you can access the city’s main activities at a short distance and the beach at a 15-minute car ride from your stay.

Enjoy the closeness to the beach areas? We recommend the areas close to Parc de la Panderola in El Grao de Castellón. You can easily access beaches such as Palmeral Beach and El Pinar Beach.

A visit on a budget

If you’re looking for an affordable stay in Castelló de La Plana, there are plenty of options in several areas of the city. We recommend staying close to the city center, but also, there are options in the coastal regions for you to enjoy the city’s location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.