Where to stay in Leganés, Spain

City size
#40 largest city in Spain
Travel score
# 1 visited country in Europe
Hotel (avg. price)
€ 117.81
AirBnB (avg. price)
€ 136
From Int. Airport
29,3 km
Taxi (Start + per km)
€ 3.50 + € 1.49
Quality of Life Index
Very High (172.54)
Cost of Living Index
Low (46.27)
Safety Index
High (64.74)
Health Care Index
High (78.02)
English Proficiency
Poor (25'th out of 33 in EU)
Income Level / month
€ 1,670.32
5 - 10%
Power Outlet
Type F (230 V, 50 Hz)
Drinkable tap water
Meal, Inexp. Resta.
€ 12.00
3-Course Meal Mid-Range Resta.
€ 25.00
Beer (0,5 L)
€ 0.91
Milk (1 L)
€ 0.81
Water (1,5 L)
€ 0.64

Just 11km southwest of Madrid is the city of Leganes. This town is in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. Close to several towns, such as Getafe and Alcorcón, that are part of the Community of Madrid. Several medieval villages joined together to fund this city in 1280; since then, it has seen most of the history of Spain. From the feudal times to the Spanish independence wars up to modern days, which has become a hub for Madrid’s industries, it is also a place to enjoy the city’s green areas and open-air activities.

Leganés has grown in recent years, transforming itself into a place worth the visit if you want to stay in a modern area with all the amenities you need close by and still not feel overwhelmed by the big city.

Our recommendations on which areas to stay in

  • Leganés is a family-friendly destination prepared to make you stay a great experience. We recommend the areas close to the University Carlos III of Madrid to have all the amenities and attractions of the city nearby.
  • For a city stay, we recommend staying within the city’s historical center, near Plaza de la Fuente Honda, to be close to the best areas for food and cultural activities in the center and its surroundings.
  • Are you looking for affordable accommodation? Try the surroundings of the city center; there are several stays near everything you need, open-air museums, and public transportation to other parts of the Community of Madrid.
Cafes & Bars
Arts & Entertainment

These are our recommendations on accommodations in Leganes, Spain, in 4 categories:

Family accommodation

City trip

Budget stay


A city full of Parks – What to Know about Legánes

The city of Leganés has grown in recent years from being a small village to having over 150 000 people. The development of parks was essential to give the city a better look and quality of life to the inhabitants of Léganes. One of the most famous parks in the town is Polvoranca Park, a former medieval village transformed into a beautiful park with lagoons such as Maripascuala Lagoon and Recomba Lagoon, a Botanical Garden, ruins of the San Pedro Church from the XVII-Century, Playgrounds for kids and a Coffee Shop in the center of the park.

When the city grew in 1990, so did the development of areas in the north, bringing the design of parks and public buildings. So don’t forget to visit the Butarque Municipal Stadium, home of the local soccer team, Hispanidad Park, Valdegrullas Park, and North Leganes Park on the city’s north side e city and close to places such as Biblioteca Central and Zarzaquemada Station.

One of the city’s main attractions is the Leganés Sculpture Museum, an open-air museum located southeast of the historical center, with works by several Spanish sculptors in one of the most vivid areas of the city. It is close to La Cubierta de Leganés Concert Venue and Recinto Ferial Leganés, where you can enjoy rides and live music.

A family-friendly stay

There is accommodation for your family in Leganés. The areas close to Avenida de la Universidad will allow you to discover the city and enjoy amenities nearby, always in a friendly environment and great options for a great experience.

We recommend the areas close to the University Carlos III of Madrid to have all the amenities and attractions of the city nearby.

A stay in the heart of Leganés

A stay in Leganés connects you to the best of the Community of Madrid. Here you can explore this significant part of Spain and stay in a modern city. Look for accommodation in the city’s historical center near Plaza Fuente Honda, where you can move easily around and find the best options for food and are close to the best cultural areas of the city.

Walk 200m to Plaza de París, and have a delicious dinner with local products in Maridaje Divino. Try local cured ham at La Montanera in Calle Juan Muñoz or enjoy a glass of wine in Bodeguita La Hacienda in Calle Palomares. Enjoy a concert at Egaleo Theater in Avenida de la Mancha at a short distance from your stay, or visit the Civic Center Jose Saramago on Mar Mediterraneo Avenue.

A stay in this area allows you to be close to the city’s City Hall with its modernist architecture and enjoy an evening in Plaza Mayor de Leganés with all of its offers for shopping, food, plazas, and small walkable parks.

We recommend staying within the city’s historical center, near Plaza de la Fuente Honda.

Are you traveling on a budget?

Leganés offers a variety of affordable options to stay and things to do on a budget. Looks for accommodation near the areas of interest, and a quick search on Airbnb or Booking will show you the best options in any place you want to visit. We recommend staying close to the city’s center where you can have everything at a short distance, reliable public transportation, food from all around the world at reasonable prices, and plenty of parks nearby.