Where to stay in Sants-Montjuïc, Spain

City size
#42 largest city in Spain
Travel score
# 1 visited country in Europe
Hotel (avg. price)
€ 119.35
AirBnB (avg. price)
€ 210
From Int. Airport
13,0 km
Taxi (Start + per km)
€ 3.50 + € 1.51
Quality of Life Index
Very High (172.54)
Cost of Living Index
Low (46.27)
Safety Index
High (64.74)
Health Care Index
High (78.02)
English Proficiency
Poor (25'th out of 33 in EU)
Income Level / month
€ 1,670.32
5 - 10%
Power Outlet
Type F (230 V, 50 Hz)
Drinkable tap water
Meal, Inexp. Resta.
€ 12.00
3-Course Meal Mid-Range Resta.
€ 25.00
Beer (0,5 L)
€ 0.91
Milk (1 L)
€ 0.81
Water (1,5 L)
€ 0.64

The biggest district of the city of Barcelona has everything to offer for a perfect stay. Sants-Montjuïc is waiting for you to admire its views of public art, discover its castles, walk its parks and have a great time in this part of the city. Sants-Montjuïc is on the coast of northeastern Spain, in the Autonomous community of Catalonia. It is one of the ten city districts, with a population of over 180000 people is one of the most beloved areas of Barcelona among locals because of its vibrant city life and culture and natural areas to enjoy. A stay in Sant-Monjuïc allows you to experience the whole city differently, connected to the local culture and history.

Our recommendations on which areas to stay in

  • For a luxury stay, we recommend the neighborhood of Hostafrancs, near the Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, where you can be within a short distance of great food and spots to visit and quick access to everything in the city. Look for accommodation on the upper floors to enjoy the view of the city from above.
  • For a great family stay, look for accommodation in the Sants neighborhood, close to Parc de l’Espanya Industrial. A place well connected to Barcelona’s main attractions but with a relaxed pace and all the amenities for your stay at a short distance.
  • Are you looking for budget accommodation? The whole district has cheap accommodation options, but we recommend the neighborhood of El Poble-Sec for affordable stays and good choices of food and tourism in the surrounding areas. Choose accommodation close to Avenida de Paraᐧlel to enjoy a well-connected city and have all the area’s main attractions close to your accommodation.
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These are our recommendations on accommodations in Sants-Montjuïc, Spain, in 4 categories:

Luxury trip

Room with a view

Family accommodation

Budget stay


A cultural district – What to know before visiting

The city of Barcelona is an excellent place to know the Catalonian culture. It is a city full of history, fantastic attractions, famous architecture, delicious food, and plenty of activities. The city districts have unique features that make up the city’s identity, and the case of Sants-Monjuïc is no exception. As a former industrial-era working-class area, you can feel part of the district’s identity, with buildings such as Can Batlló, a former factory transformed into a cultural and art center.

Enjoy a view of the city in Parc de Montjuïc, the most significant green area in the district, and Barcelona. All around this park, you can enjoy the best museums and attractions in the city, like the Catalan National Art Museum in front of the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, the Catalan Museum of Archaeology, the Joan Miró Foundation with works of this famous artist, and the Poble Espanyol open-air museum of Spanish architecture styles.

Also, an essential element of this district is the area’s botanical gardens, the Historic Botanical Garden, with its collection of rare Euro-Siberian plants, and the Barcelona Botanical Garden, with exhibitions of international flowers and plants. An unmissable spot in the city is the Montjuïc Castle, a fortress from the XVII century with a fantastic view of the town’s coast.

Luxury stays in the Hostafrancs neighborhood.

Hostafranc neighborhood is a lively neighborhood with a strong identity worth discovering. Between Carrer de la Creu Coberta and the Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, you can find the perfect luxury accommodation for your stay in Sants-Monjuïc. You can move quickly around the city through its main streets or use its metro system at Hostafrancs station.  

Discover the industrial past of this neighborhood by walking its streets and enjoying the best restaurants in the area, such as delicious Mediterranean food in La Vilardell in Carrer de Vilardell, Peruvian dishes at Santa Ceviche in Carrer d’Hostafrancs de Sió, or try a fine dining experience in LAB Barcelona in Carrer de Rossend de Arús. Enjoy a walk around Plaça d’Espanya, pass through the Venetian Towers, and visit the Montjuïc National Palace, home of the National Art Museum of Catalonia, at a short walk from the Hostafrancs Neighborhood.

This area is for you if you want a view of the city. Look for accommodation on the upper floors to take advantage of the views and the Mediterranean weather and take your stay to the next level. Stay in the Hostafrancs neighborhood to experience the best of the city, close to the best offer in the area, and surrounded by perfect spots to make your stay unique.

Enjoy the best family accommodation.

Have a wonderful family time in the Sants-Monjüic district. When considering family accommodation, we recommend the Sants neighborhood, a great place to move around Barcelona and stay and enjoy all of its attractions and amenities for the whole family.

For a great family stay, look for accommodation in the Sants neighborhood, close to Parc de l’Espanya Industrial and Barcelona-Sants Station.

Sants-Montjuïc on a buget

Barcelona is a city that offers plenty of affordable options to have a great visit while on a budget, and the district of Sants-Montjuïc is no exception. We recommend the neighborhood of El Poble-Sec for affordable stays and a great time in the city. Chose accommodation close to Avenida de Paraᐧlel to be near the city’s main attractions, such as the Gothic Quarter and the architecture of Eixample, at a 30-minute walk from your stay, or move quickly from the Paraᐧlel and Poble Sec metro stations.

Walk through the small Rambla of Carrer de Blai and its surrounding streets and discover its bars and restaurants, such as Tacos Tacos, Restaurant, and Bar Celona, have some tapas at L’Atelier de Blai, or enjoy a cocktail at Rouge Cocktail Club. The area also has several grocery stores, such as Condis in Avenida de Paraᐧlel and Día Market in Carrer del Roser. Take advantage of the parks and lookout spots in the city, like the Parc del Mirador del Poble Sec, where you can view the city ports and the Mediterranean Sea at a 10-minute walk from your accommodation.